The luxury project in Jerusalem

Glorious Past. Magnificent Future.

About the Project

Tucked away on a quiet, pastoral oasis in Jerusalem’s epicenter, are the city’s most sought-after luxury apartments,
with spacious balconies facing breathtaking views,
and charming stone walls closing it off from the city’s bustle.

"Jerusalem of Gold…"

Experience Jerusalem's history
Thousands of years of history enrich the alleys and gateways of Jerusalem. From the Western Wall in the East, the green corridors in the West, the Hebron mountains in the South, and the Prophet Shmuel’s Tomb in the North.
Nostalgia meets modernity
Innovative design and comfort, alongside ancient landmarks such as the Schneller Orphanage, clock tower, and water well
Heart of the world
Located at the epicenter, closely situated to shopping centers, shuls, cultural sites and the Western Wall
Experience connection
Encircled by Jewish history from all sides, connect to our priceless legacy at Top of Schneller
Let your heart expand
Drink in the view of the towering moutains and let your heart and mind expand.
Because my heart yearns ...
The heart of every Jew is interwoven with the Holy City. Give your heart a home. A dream apartment.
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Yerushalayim shel Ma'aleh
The views from the penthouses at Jerusalem's pinnacle
Light of the world
From the heights of Top of Schneller, these words take on deeper meaning
At the peak
Situated at Jerusalem's pinnacle, the city's entire panorama spreads out beneath you, in all its glory.
Yerushalayim shel Ma'aleh
The views from the penthouses at Jerusalem's pinnacle
On eagle's wings...
The views from the penthouses at Jerusalem's pinnacle
On eagle's wings...
The views from the penthouses at Jerusalem's pinnacle
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Apartment Plans

Fortress of Saul

King Solomon

Mount Scopus

King David

Mount Scopus

Construction in progress!
Photos from 08/01/2022
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Custom designed
You choose the property and tailor it precisely to your needs and desires.
You choose the specifications
The design, the finishes, the appliances, the decor - it's all up to your taste and choice.
Oasis of tranquility
Revel in the rustic tranquility, thanks to an underground parking lot and a beautiful park, while still being incredibly close to Jerusalem's vibrant hubbub.
Private parking
A completely underground parking lot ensures clean, unpolluted air and safety for the children playing outside.
Top of the top
For those seeking the top of the top, meticulously designed homes against the historic backdrop are a dream come true.
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A glimpse at the splendor

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The Top of Schneller, located at the vertex of Jerusalem, is intended for people who want to live at the core of the Holy City while enjoying maximal tranquility, stunning views and stellar design specs.

About the Real Estate Firm

Top of Schneller is a project of Merom Jerusalem, a renowned construction company under the Ganei Tal Group,
which has initiated and executed dozens of residential and commercial projects since 1969.

The firm has extensive experience in construction, management, marketing and operation of projects of all sizes,

across all of Israel.

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